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Press Releases

CNOOC Limited Announces Jinzhou 25-1 Oil...2020-09-28
CNOOC Limited Announces Commencement of ...2020-09-20
CNOOC Limited Announces the First Offsho...2020-09-15


2020 Mid-Year Review
2020 First Quarter Review
2019 Annual Results

Important Information

AGM Proxy Materials for ADR Holders
AGM Supplemental Materials for ADR Holders

As a listed company, CNOOC Limited has been consistently pursuing sustainable development.

Corporate Videos

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  • Rankings
  • July

    Institutional Investor’s 2020 All-Asia Executive Team Awards– “Most Honored Company”, Oil and gas sector’s “Best CFO”, “Best IR Professional”, “Best IR Team”, “Best IR Program” and “Best ESG”

  • August

    Featured in Top 20 of Hong Kong Business Sustainability Index

2020 Strategy Preview
2019 Strategy Preview
2018 Strategy Preview

Reports & Filings

Annual Report
Interim Report
Form 20-F
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